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Break Geographical Barriers for Digital Excellence

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Internet World Stats  estimates the global internet users at more than 2.4 billion at the end of June 2012. This figure puts the population penetration at around 34%. More importantly the internet population has grown more than 6 times between 2000 and 2012. With the market and target customers moving to the internet, it has become the frontier for sales, marketing and customer relationship efforts. Most organizations now have a digital and internet strategy for their business. Image

The power and opportunity of the internet is so great in this digital age that even the smallest organization realizes that online presence is its most important investment. So most digitally alert organizations now tie up with a website development company to make sure that they are using the best and the most optimum technology for their internet face. However, the customer appeal of a webpage is much more than technology. Visible to viewers round the clock and round the year, internet is the most powerful marketing investment for all organizations. Technology ensures smooth and secure access, scalability, stability, speed and hassle free online shopping. But digital efforts go much beyond technology. Marketing strategists will tell us that it is critical that we – capture the customers’ attention first. Secondly, give the customers a great time when he or she is online on the internet page. And finally the customer experience should be so great that it becomes a cherished memory for the customers.

This is not an easy task. In global e-economy knowledge sharing across political borders happens without much effort. A web design company London can leverage its domain knowledge to generate revenue from the Asian market. Similarly, a digital strategy consultant in Singapore can guide an organization in Canada. This is because a well thought out and strategic internet presence builds credibility, trust and brand value. It is so important, therefore, that we seek and engage the best service provider across the globe. Sometimes, the business needs may be unique in nature. Then it is best to find some consultancies that have firsthand experience in the area of expertise that the business is looking for.


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